Food Sensitivity Tests

Bio-compatibility testing

Are you sick and tired….of feeling sick and tired??

Have you ever considered that some of the food you are eating or the products you are using are contributing to your health problems?

Find out which foods are making your sick and which foods you can eat.

NO needles or blood tests….testing is done using a hair sample.

BE SYMPTOM FREE through Bio-Compatibility Testing

Many people today suffer from food intolerances or so called “allergies”. Sensitivities are accumulative and a reaction may not take place for up to four days. Often people crave the very foods they are intolerant to.

It is very important that you have as many items as possible checked. Our programme includes Bio Compatibility testing for 500 local foods and household products. Our focus is to give you a list of safe foods you can use.

Food sensitivities cause inflammation. Researchers now say that inflammation is involved in up to 98% of diseases.

Contact me now to get a Mail Order Form for testing if you are unable to see me in person.

This is a simple test done from a sample of your hair…no needles or blood tests required!!

You are then sent a comprehensive report that highlights foods not to use…but more importantly gives you a list of foods that you CAN eat. So often clients have been told what foods to avoid and this can quite severely restrict their diet.

Instead of being told…. “stay off dairy products”, we can pinpoint that it may only be full cream milk and cream that are causing the problems, but skim milk is okay. This way your diet isn’t so restricted.

SPECIAL MAIL ORDER/SKYPE OFFER – for only $375 you get an initial 30 minute Skype or Telephone consultation, hair test and 15-20 minute Skype or Telephone follow-up. Contact us now!
Do you suffer from or been diagnosed with –
Chronic Fatigue
Sinus & Hay fever
Irritable Bowel
Rashes / Itchy Skin
A.D.H.D. / A.D.D.
Excess Mucous
Restless Legs
Sleep disorders
Poor Concentration

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