Kinesiology is a safe, non-invasive healing modality that uses muscle testing to help a practitioner assess areas of weakness in the body. It can be used to help reduce stress and pain, as well as improve performance at work, school or home and in your personal life.

The kinesiological approach is to test the client for emotional, biochemical and structural imbalances within the patients’ body and correct any such imbalances to enable the body to heal itself once it is given the correct conditions. Kinesiology works with the energy model, taking into consideration not only the physical or structural, but the emotional/psychological and the nutritional/biochemical. It also promotes self-responsibility to the patient, to allow the patient to take an active part in their healing process by teaching them techniques to use when necessary, e.g. E.S.R. when in a stressful situation or using feathering for cramping/spasms. They may also be told of foods to eat to help improve their health, as well as foods to avoid. The kinesiologist is able to access the intuitive mind that contains higher level information. Kinesiology does not diagnose, prescribe or treat medically diagnosed conditions or diseases, but balances the individual to promote healing from within.

Kinesiology promotes the ‘Self Responsibility Model’, requiring clients to take an active part in their healing process, as opposed to the allopathic approach which only requires a client to take their prescribed medication.

How can Kinesiology help you?

By using gentle, non-invasive muscle-testing techniques, we can identify the causes and address the following issues –

  • Structure -neck, back and joint pain, scoliosis, whiplash and sports injuries
  • Health – allergies, headaches, PMS, chronic fatigue, digestion, asthma, eczema, insomnia, RSI, arthritis
  • Learning – dyslexia, ADD, ADHD
  • Addictions – cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, behavioural
  • Cellular- releasing programs and memories from the cells and the DNA
  • Emotions – anxiety, stress, phobias, panic attacks, depression, co-dependencies, trauma
  • Energy – meridian, chakra and aura balancing

Appointments are for one hour and it is recommended to have one treatment per week for 1-3 weeks, then monthly as required, depending on the condition being addressed.

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